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What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic communication and exchange of business documents of common B2B transactions.

Security in the Cloud

Our data center runs on the innovative AWS Infrastructure. This state-of-the-art platform provides you with unparalleled flexibility, performance, and data protection. 

EDI Documents

The "core four" forms are:

  • 810 Invoice
  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 855 PO Acknowledgement
  • 856 Advance Ship Notice

These essential forms make up a large percentage of EDI traffic between trading partners. Beyond these four, we support an extensive range to replace many paper documents central to your accounts and the needs of your vendors and customers.
All Standard EDI Forms

UniLink Group EDI

We are your full-service EDI solution. 

  • Trading partner onboarding
  • Custom mapping and vendor compliance
  • Document testing
  • VAN service
  • Transactional data and reporting 
  • Customer support direct from your developer

UniLink is your end-to-end EDI automation resource. Our intuitive customer portal gives you access to your data along with valuable insights and trends.  Customer service is our highest priority.

UniLink Customer Portal Demo

Our Customers

At The UniLink Group, we are proud to serve customers across many industries. 

As our EDI services are ERP agnostic, it allows us to offer our customers from manufacturing to distribution, 

energy to human services the same level of customization and improvement to their business processes. 

See how UniLink EDI helped these customers solve their common problems. 

The Ewie Group

UniLink Smart Maps put an end to lengthy custom ERP coding and helped drive efficiency for The Ewie Group and their customers.


Automating workflow, processing rebates and invoices for the Distributors Corporation of America.

PBM - Erson

Solving multiple shipments, drop ship, and other unique vendor and customer issues in the automotive industry.

Our Trading Partners

UniLink EDI can connect you to all of your Trading Partners, here are some:

Video Library

The UniLink Group, along with our strategic and sponsored partners, is proud to offer access to our educational webinars and demonstrations.

SUN partnered with UniLink to demonstrate how your digital transformation can achieve maximum success and ROI by integrating custom EDI seamlessly into your ERP.

Give yourself the strategic, leading edge by advancing your digital transformation process to streamline and improve your SyteLine functionality, quality of data, and your bottom line!

Join Guide Technologies and The UniLink Group as we cover the current state of EDI and an analysis and ROI of your options. In addition, we highlight the improvement in data quality, efficiency, and other business improvements that you can achieve with managed service EDI. 

Also learn about Guide's E2E solution for connecting ION to Infor XA.

From the NSA Pathway to Success Webinar series:

Join the team from UniLink for a discussion on the key steps for a successful EDI journey. Making the decision to act is key as disruptors will continue to challenge us and being resilient is paramount. We’ll discuss challenges and evaluate the options and the ROI/TCO of the different EDI solutions.

Join The UniLink Group and our partners at Synergy Resources as we discuss the benefits of EDI and introduce Synergy's new API vehicle that expands the ability, ease, and efficiency of your VISUAL ERP for EDI and beyond. 

Get the information you need to advance your EDI program making the best, timely decision for you, your trading partners, and your customers.

Experience the UniLink Customer Portal.

Our intuitive portal gives you access to your transaction data along with valuable insights and trends. Sort queries bases on date, document type, or document number. Export results, view graphs and more with our effective document tracking experience. 

Learn how to achieve a positive ROI by implementing EDI for your distribution business. This webinar will guide you through the onboarding process, driving adoption rates with trading partners, and customizing mapping to optimize integration. 

Join us to gain valuable insights and actionable strategies for a successful EDI implementation, enhanced connectivity, and a positive ROI.

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