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The UniLink Group
  • The UniLink Group

    Over 25 years of e-commerce experience. 

    Trusted, service-focused EDI provider.

    Infor partner for over 16 years.

    Connecting you to your entire trading community.

About Us

Started in 1997 as a provider of e-invoicing solutions to the construction industry, we immediately recognized the potential but also the shortcomings of early EDI efforts. Those observations led us toward a continuous pursuit of better technology and strategic industry partnerships.

Today, our innovative UniLink Universal EDI service model delivers the benefits of electronic document processing to customers of all sizes, in all markets, across the globe. We’ve established strong relationships with leading ERP providers along with connections to many large retailers and key distributors. In short, our ecosystem offers you the best possible EDI infrastructure in the present that will continue to provide future value as your company grows. 

Our Team

David Dunn-Rankin

Chairman and Co-Owner

Phil Harley

General Manager and CTO

Mitch Copman

Director, Sales & Marketing

Sarah Butler

Director, Professional Services

Tony Palermo

Director, Strategic Alliances

Jess Fournier 

Group Manager, Manufacturing

Erica McGuire

Group Manager, Distribution

Frank Azzalina

Senior Account Representative

Let us be your EDI department, 
virtually, right down the hall. 

Call us at 888-226-8089 or click below to learn more.

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